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One Life Course Week Two: Science

Central London Humanists

23rd April 2021 - 1 min read

On Thursday the 22nd we had our second session of the Central London Humanists’ presentation of Humanists UK’s One Life Course: An Introduction to Humanism. Participants joined in the discussions and their enthusiasm was matched with our enjoyment in discussing the topics with them.

During session two we talked about science, trying to answer questions such as: does dogma get in the way of understanding? Do we know what free-thinking is? How can science help us find what is true?

The discussions were centred around the broader topic of dogma versus evidence. But, how do we know who to trust? It was pointed out that fake news, misinformation, and propaganda have always existed and been ever-present under oppression governments even when technology was simple.

And, what happens when even experts with excellent credentials disagree? Some participants concluded that we have to always be sceptical and wary in a healthy way. Motivation and discipline are required to always check and double-check sources.

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